Welcome To Annona

We proudly launch our flagship product Dhanapurti which will help Banks/Financial institutions in managing the entire Supply Chain Finance.

Highlights Of The System :

User friendly.

Covers all parts of Supply Chain Finance.

Robust Security.

Highly interoperable.

Integrated animated screens and videos for business flows..Read more

Click on our mascot SANA to see " DHANAPURTI " animation video.


Code of hammurabi – the world’s first written code on factoring

One of the earliest handwritten cheques known to be in existence in uk Previous
World’s oldest coin - lydian electrum trite (4.71g, 13x10x4 mm)

Specimen circular letter of credit also known as traveller's letter of credit Previous
Roman trade routes with india, 1st century,ce

The world’s first bill of lading – bulla with tokens