About Annona

We are a dynamic company dedicated to the Banking and Non-Banking Industry. We are not the run of the mill another company but provide very unique solutions in both Banking and Non-Banking Products such as in Trade and Supply Chain Management. Our core strength is our belief and " Never Say Die " attitude to any challenge whatsoever it may be.

We thrive in an ecosystem where we live and help others live. Thus we work in harmony and our software is an example of it. Our transactions are so unique that they map out the complete end-to-end process with costs, earnings and timelines. Also our pricing is something which will be very hard to match. Though new we are raring to go.

Our flagship product is called Dhanapurti for Supply Chain Finance Industry primarily catering to banks and financers of Supply Chain Industry such as Factoring companies. Apart from Dhanapurti we have Tasthana or Bank Deposits and Advocates Assistant with more products on the way.

It will be great to hear from you and it would be an honour to be your partner in your success and growth. Our Logo says it all as we bridge the demand and supply by taking care of the Finance between single or multiple Buyers and Sellers.


To set standards in Supply Chain Industry by bringing out innovative solutions and being a market leader and to expand globally by helping people in all walks of life.

Our Mission

To be the most preferred partner with you and be with you and grow with you and build a long lasting relationship.

Our Tag line says

The Tantra of Supply Chain. Tantra means modus operandi.