Annona IT Solutions proudly launches Tasthana, a software which will revolutionize the way deposits are handled. Tasthana provides the customer the option to generate deposits online. Bank can monitor the deposits and changes in rates of interest can be done dynamically. Taxes and other charges such as fees can also be computed dynamically where the rates have to be set by the bank.

Tasthana provides the customer a fully flexible deposit creation system. Here the customer can choose his own payment scheme (one-time, monthly, quarterly, half yearly), mode of payment (money debited from saving accounts, cash payments, cheque, DD), amount deduction date and tenure. The system allows the customer the option to decide how he wants the estimated interest amount generated to be credited to his account. The interest generated can be collected by the customer at the end of the tenure along with the principle amount or the customer can choose to have the interest amount be credited to his account monthly. He can also split the interest amount amongst separate accounts.

The most unique feature provided by Tasthana is that the customer can modify the deposits anytime he wants. The payment scheme can be changed. The principle deposit amount can be increased or decreased by the customer. The tenure can also be changed. When modifications are made the system automatically calculates the changes in interest amount and payoff dates. The changes are handled completely by the system without any human intervention. The customer can also close the deposit and withdraw money from a deposit.

Tasthana Presentation

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