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Our Product is a niche product solely catering to the Supply Chain Finance Industry. It is a complete product catering to both the bank, the customer and the customer’s buyers and sellers.

The icing of the cake is our Planning Tool which gives a complete detailed snapshot of the time, costs, payments mapped with each process with graphs and flowcharts. It is a complete end-to-end solution and a must have for all the banks and finance companies who are financing the Supply Chain Industry.

Dhanapurti Presentation

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Technical Specification

  • Spring MVC Framework.
  • Role based single Login screen.
  • Highly Interoperable & High Performance.
  • High Security & Session handling for all screens.

Features provided to customers:

Once the customer account is generated he can add his buyers and suppliers in the system. The buyer and suppliers details are verified by the bank. In this way our system ensures that the customer is doing business with legitimate people and thus frauds can be avoided.
Throughout the transaction the customer can upload any documents needed by the bank through one portal. The documents are verified and processed by the bank.
Using the system the customer can generate multiple detailed master plans and submit it to the bank. Here the customer will give detailed information about the goods he wants to buy and then manufacture to final product. He will specify how much money he wants to lend from the bank for buying raw materials and manufacturing. Also he has to mention the amount he plans to sell the goods for. Along with all the details the customer can pledge collaterals with documents attached and submit it to the bank. Once all the plan is approved by the bank, the amount sanctioned along with rates charged by the bank is forwarded to the customer. Once the customer has accepted the bank rates he can start generating Purchase orders.
Once the amount is sanctioned by the bank the customer can reallocate the funds amongst his various branches as well as subsidiaries. Full flexibility is provided to the distribution and redistribution of funds.
The customer can generate multiple purchase orders and invoices under a approved master plan. The purchase orders request generated has to be accepted by the registered supplier. After the transaction is over the customer can close the purchase Order/invoice. Also the system provides the customer with the option to cancel a purchase order with proper reason.
The customer can make payments on his Purchase orders. Multiple modes of payments is allowed by the system ( Funds Transfer/DD/Cheque/LC/BG). Advance payments, part payments and multiple Purchase orders payments is also included in the system. Further customer can request money from the bank based on his invoices. All transactions are captured by the system.
In case the customer wants some extra amount from the bank for buying goods he can apply for a limit burst. The limit burst request contains the extra amount the customer wants. The bank may or may not sanction the extra amount. Once the extra amount is sanctioned the customer can use the amount himself or redistribute it among his branches and subsidiaries.
In case of discrepancy of goods the customer can generate a dispute. The bank will forward the dispute to the concerned supplier. The system has an update dispute module where the customer can update any time he wants.
The customer can pre-plan the entire business plan. After generating a Purchase Order/ Invoice the customer can create a time-line with dynamic events generated by the system.Also he can add the documents he has to submit during the transaction. The events table once created gets automatically updated with time and lets the customer know which events have passed and which are still pending. Statistical Data based on number of days is also displayed to the customer. Also a comparison table is provided by the system which compares the preplanned data set by the customer and actual system captured data. Disputes found in the system are dynamically captured by this module and the delay is also calculated automatically. So this system captures the delay in transaction and also gives an estimate of extra amount the delay has caused the customer.
The customer can add his warehouse details in the system where he stores his goods. Based on the warehouse details an inventory is automatically generated every time a purchase order/ invoice is generated by the customer. The inventory can be updated by the customer with goods used and damaged. The remaining stock will be automatically calculated. Also goods flow for buying and selling is also captured and monitored by the system.
Dynamic animation are provided in the system describing modes of payments, buying and selling inventory and preplanned events. The videos describes all complex transaction in a very simple flows. Further dynamic tree structure for inventory and warehouse management is also generated automatically by the system.

Features provided to Bank:

The bank can create and monitor individual accounts for all their customers. All the accounts are approved/verified individually before creation and as a result this eliminates any duplicates or false data in our system. Each customer is given his own unique Id. Automated notifications email are sent to the customer after every verification. The bank can also verify details about the suppliers and buyers with whom the customer plans on doing business.
Approve detailed master plans provided by the customer. The bank can set limit, sanction buying amount and working capital for the customer based on his request. Along with the sanctioned amount the bank can set rates on the money lent. Collaterals documents pledged by the customer is also captured in this plan.
Monitor all the purchase orders and invoices generated by the customer along with uploaded documents. Limit burst requests in case of purchase orders are also supported. Regulation status regarding importing and exporting goods are maintained by the bank. Once the purchase orders/invoices are generated the bank can set interest rates for that particular transaction. The rates assignment and calculation is entirely flexible and dynamic. All the assigned rates are approved before finalizing. Make payments to suppliers on behalf of the customer and receive payments from the buyers.
In case of any dispute the bank can inform the concerned supplier about the discrepancy of goods.The dispute status is also monitored and captured by the system.
The system has its own general ledger which provides the total credit and debit details along with detailed lists of all purchase orders and invoice transactions. This ledger is updated automatically.
All payments made by the customer against a purchase order is captured by the bank. In case the mode of payment is DD/Cheque/LC/BG, the amount to be paid has to be cleared by the bank. Also re-payments done to the bank by the customer is captured by the system.
The comparison tool compares the preplanned data set by the customer along with the actual data in the system. The bank can refer the tool any time and find out if a transaction is proceeding according to schedule or not.Delay (if any) is also captured by the system and the point at which the delay occurred is also displayed.
The system provides graphs for displaying the cost exposure for the bank. All the events in the planning tool comes with their own animated description. Furthermore a tree structure is provided displaying the customer details along with their branches and subsidiaries.
Dhanapurti can be integrated with any customer ERP system. Multiple invoice data will be fetched from the system and forwarded to the bank. The system does not allow duplicate invoice records. Duplicate records if any will be sent back. Once the data has been fetched bank can make payments based on the invoices.